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Sunday, May 27, 2012

Norris Wins Friday G/90

Anthony Norris won the Friday G/90 for May. Ralph Warrick tied for 2nd and collected the U1600 prize.

Round 4:

Norris 1/2-1/2 Zilbermintz
Warrick 1-0 Sohal
O'Connor 1 point bye

Final Standings:

1. Norris 3.0, = 2-4. Zilbermintz, O'Connor & Warrick 2.5, 5. Sohal 1.0

Friday, May 25, 2012

West Wins Wednesday G/90

LM James West won the Wednesday G/90 for May. Roger Pedersen and Michael O'Connor tied for 2nd.

Round 4:

Adelson 0-1 West
O'Connor 1/2-1/2 Pedersen
Vinson 1/2 point bye.
Mendonca 1 point bye.

Final Standings:

1. West 3.5, = 2-3. Pedersen, O'Connor 2.5, 4. Adelson 2.0. = 5-6. Vinson, Mendonca 1.0

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Chess Mates Championship Starts June 6th!

Chess Mates Club Championship starts on Wednesday, June 6th!

Here are the details:

June 6, 13, 20, 27 (1 game per week)
4-SS, G/90
All rounds begin at 7 p.m.
Chess Mates Membership required.

EF: $25
Guaranteed Prizes: 1st - $150 & Trophy, U2200 - $75 & Trophy, U1600 - $75 & Trophy.

Chess Magnet School JGP.

Information: (732) 499-0118, (760) 583-8429,

Friday G/90 - Round 3


O'Connor 0-1 Norris
Sohal -+ Zilbermintz
Warrick 1 point bye

Standings entering this Friday's finale:

1. Norris 2.5, 2. Zilbermintz 2.0, 3. O'Connor & Warrick 1.5, 5. Sohal 1.0

Expected pairings on 5/25:

Norris - Zilbermintz
Warrick - Sohal
O'Connor 1 point bye

Wednesday G/90 - Round 3


West 1-0 Pedersen
Adelson 1-0 Mendonca
Vinson 1/2 point bye
O'Connor 1/2 point bye 

Standings entering tonight's final round:

1. West 2.5, = 2-4. Pedersen, Adelson, O'Connor 2.0, 5. Vinson 0.5, 6. Mendonca 0.0

Expected Pairings:

Adelson vs. West
O'Connor vs. Pedersen
Vinson 1/2 point bye.
Mendonca 1 point bye.

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Summer Camps

Chess Mates first Summer Camp of 2012 will be held June 25-29. Eight others will be run in July, August and early September.

Click the image below to enlarge it and view the details.

New Lesson Schedule & Rates

Starting June 1st, Chess Mates' lesson schedules and rates will change.

Each lesson package (Saturday, Sunday or Weekday) will be 4 months in length and include a 4-month Chess Mates membership.

The schedule and rates are listed below. Click image to enlarge.

Our Saturday and Sunday Camps are being discontinued.

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Wednesday Pairing Change

Michael O'Connor (.5 bye) will not be able to play this Wednesday.  Instead of Serge playing Michael, it will be Serge vs. Schnaider.

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Friday G/90 Update

Anthony Norris and Michael O'Connor lead the Friday G/90 at its halfway point.

May 4th:
Lev Zilbermintz 1/2-1/2 O'Connor
Ralph Warrick 1/2-1/2 Norris
Bhupinder Sohal received a 1 point bye.

May 11th:
Norris 1-0 Sohal
O'Connor 1-0 Warrick
Zilbermintz took a half-point bye.

Standings entering round 3:
= 1-2. Norris & O'Connor 1.5, = 3-4. Zilbermintz & Sohal 1.0, 5. Warrick 0.5

Updated Pairings for May 18th:
O'Connor - Norris
Sohal - Zilbermintz
Warrick will receive a full point bye.

Please note the colors John listed on the whiteboard at Chess Mates are incorrect!

Wednesday G/90 Update

Roger Pedersen leads the Wednesday G/90 after 2 rounds of play. LM Jim West and Michael O'Connor are a half-point back.

May 2nd:
West 1/2-1/2 O'Connor
Schnaider Mendonca 0-1 Pedersen
Serge Adelson 1-0 Robert Vinson

May 9th:
Pedersen 1-0 Adelson
Vinson 0-1 West
O'Connor 1-0 Mendonca

Standings entering round 3:
1. Pedersen 2.0, = 2-3. West & O'Connor 1.5, 4. Adelson 1.0, = 5-6. Mendonca & Vinson 0.0

Pairings for May 16th:
West vs. Pedersen
Adelson vs. O'Connor
Vinson is taking a half-point bye.
Mendonca is receiving a 1 point bye.

Saturday G/45 Results

Boris Privman and Sam Barsky were joint-winners in the top section of yesterday's G/45. Andy Chen and Michael O'Connor shared 1st place in section 2.

Friday, May 11, 2012

Recent Results Rundown

  • NM Boris Privman won the top quad in the Saturday G/45 on April 28th. Mina Awad, James L. Harrison & Dominic Mirarchi tied for 1st in Section 2.
  • Jeremy Payano, Maya Arengo & Rio Arengo shared the top spot in the Apr. 29th Scholastic G/30.
  • GM Leonid Yudasin won the Open G/30 & Sunday Blitz tournaments on April 29th. NM Maraj Daftani was 2nd in the G/5.