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Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Camejo Wins Sunday G/30

Mauricio Camejo won Sunday's G/30. Patrick Thomas, who was the U1800 prize winner, and Ziggy Bliznikas tied for 2nd.

Belanoff & Camejo Win Dr. Machan Open 14

NM Ted Belanoff & expert Maurico Camejo (re-entry) won Saturday's Dr. Luzivminda Machan Open #14.

FM Boris Privman, LM James West & NM Vladimir Polyakin tied for 3rd.

Thomas Elberling earned the U2000 prize. Jonathan Aisoni's opening round win over 2089-rated Aravind Kumar was biggest upset.

Saturday, January 26, 2013

Adelson Wins January G/90

Serge Adelson won the January G/90, despite yielding a draw in the final round.

Alberto Martinez, Andrew Walker, Ralph Warrick and Robert Vinson tied for 2nd.

Privman, West Win Dr. Machan Open XIII

FM Boris Privman & LM James West won last week's Dr. Luzivminda Machan Open XIII.

LM Sam Barsky (re-entry), Mauricio Camejo (re-entry) and Alexander Crump tied for 3rd.

Thomas Elberling won the U2000 & biggest upset prizes. 

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Adelson Leads G/90 Entering Final Round

Serge Adelson leads our Wednesday night G/90 by a full point with 1 round to play. Guido Kampel, Alberto Martinez and Robert Vinson are tied for 2nd.

Round 3

Kampel 0-1 Adelson
Walker 0-1 Martinez
Vinson 1-0 Williams
L. Moreira 0-1 Warrick
Rainford 0-1 G. Moreira

Standings after 3 of 4 rounds:

1. Adelson 3.0
= 2-4 Kampel, Martinez. Vinson 2.0
= 5-6. Walker, Warrick 1.5
= 7-9. Williams, L. Moreira, G. Moreira 1.0
10. Rainford 0.0

Projected pairings for January 23rd:

Adelson - Vinson
Martinez - Kampel
Walker - L. Moreira
G. Moreira - Warrick
Williams - Rainford

Camejo Wins Sunday G/30 Again

Maurico Camejo won Sunday's G/30 tournament. It was the 3rd time in 4 weeks he has topped the event.

Ted Belanoff was 2nd.

Sarkar Wins Dr. Machan Open XII

IM Justin Sarkar won Saturday's Dr. Luzivminda Machan Open XII. IM Jay Bonin and Ted Belanoff tied for 2nd.

FM Boris Privman, NM Arthur Macaspac (re-entry) and expert Mauricio Camejo (re-entry) tied for 4th.

Tony Norris and John Moldovan split the U2000 prize. David Zhurbinsky (1565), who drew Belanoff in the opening round, scored the biggest upset.

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

January G/90 - Round 2

Guido Kampel and Serge Adelson lead the January G/90 after its midway point.

2nd round:

Andrew Walker late-joined.
Raja Ghosh withdrew. 1st round bye rescinded.

Williams 0-1 Kampel
Adelson 1-0 Martinez
Warrick 0-1 Walker
Vinson 1-0 G. Moreira
Rainford 0-1 L. Moreira

Standings, after 2 round of 4:

= 1. Kampel, Adelson 2.0
3. Walker 1.5
= 4-7. Martinez, Williams, Vinson, L. Moreira 1.0
= 8. Warrick 0.5
= 9-10. Rainford, G. Moreira 0.0

Round 3 will be on January 16th.
Late joins will be accepted until then.

Monday, January 7, 2013

Camejo Wins Sunday G/30

Mauricio Camejo won yesterday's G/30. Ted Belanoff was 2nd.

Dhruv Patel and Darshan Patel split the U1500 prize.

Bartell Wins Machan Open XI

FM Tom Bartel won Saturday's Dr. Luvizminda Machan Open. LM Sam Barsky, Tony Norris and Alice Dong tied for 2nd.

Alice also notched the biggest upset, with a 1st round win over FM Boris Privman.

Michael O'Connor and Dan Komunicky split the U2000 prize and Mina Awad earned U1500 honors.

There were 17 players in all.

Saturday, January 5, 2013

January G/90 - Round 1

Guido Kampel, Serge Adelson, Alberto Martinez and Larry Williams lead the January G/90 after 1 week of play.

1st round:

Kampel 1-0 Robert Vinson
Claude Rainford 0-1 Adelson
Martinez 1-0 Leonardo Moreira
Gabriel Moreira 0-1 Williams

1/2 point byes: Ralph Warrick, Raja Ghosh, Andrew Walker (late-join)

Standings, after 1 round of 4:

= 1-4. Kampel, Adelson, Martinez, Williams 1.0
= 5-6. Warrick, Ghosh, Walker 0.5
= 7-10. Vinson, Rainford, L. Moreira, G. Moreira 0.0

Round 2 will be on January 9th.
Late joins will be accepted until the start of round 3.

Elberling, Jimenez Sunday G/30 Winners

Thomas Elberling and Juan Jimenez were section winners in Sunday's G/30.

Thomas scored 2.5/3 against 3 masters (!!) while Juan swept his Quad.

Camejo Wins December G/90

Expert Mauricio Camejo won our December G/90. Serge Adelson and Anthony Norris tied for 2nd and the U2000 award.

Claude Rainford (Top U1500) and Leonardo Moreira (2nd U1500) also won prizes.

4th Round (12/26)

Adelson 1-0 Ghosh
Kampel 1-0 G. Moreira
Vinson 0-1 L. Moreira
Williams 0-1 Sam Chatsky (house player)

1/2 point byes: Camejo, Norris, Rainford
0 point bye: Moldovan

Final Standings:

1. Camejo 3.5
= 2-3. Adelson, Norris
= 4-5. Kampel, Rainford
= 6-7. Moldovan, L. Moreira
8. Ghosh 1.5
9. Vinson 1.0
= 10-11. G. Moreira, Williams 0.0

Friday, January 4, 2013

Grand Prix Series Resumes Tomorrow

The weekly Dr. Luzivminda Machan Grand Prix series resumes tomorrow.

We will try to get Round 1 underway at the scheduled 1:30 p.m.

See the sidebar for details.