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Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Tica Wins Summer Blitz

Expert Juan Tica won tonight's Summer Blitz tournament at Chess Mates.

Lev Zilbermintz was 2nd. Mauricio Camejo and Errol Singh tied for 3rd.

Ramneek Singh won the U1900 prize and Ron Lukacs won the U1700 award.

Monday, July 29, 2013

Privman, Camejo Win Sunday Quad

FM Boris Privman and Expert Mauricio Camejo won yesterday's Quad.

Ziggy Bliznikas directed.

Saturday, July 27, 2013

Figler Wins Dr. Machan Open #24

IM Ilye Figler won today's Dr. Luzviminda Machan Open.

Juan Tica and Mauricio Camejo tied for 2nd. Roger Pedersen and Alex Schwartzberg split the U2200 prize. Carlos Ennis and Mina Awad were the U1800 winners.

The event has been rated and will soon appear at

Chess Camps For Aug. 5-9 & 12-16

Chess Mates is trying to organize Chess Camps for August 5-9 & 12-16. If your child/children are interested in attending, please respond to ASAP.

Click here to view the original Summer Camp flyer and the camp curriculum.

Blitz Tourney This Wednesday

On Wednesday, July 31, Chess Mates is running a USCF-rated blitz tournament.

Here is the TLA:
JULY 31   Chess Mates Summer Blitz (BLZ)
7-SS. G/5 d0. 1531 Irving St., Rahway, NJ 07065. Prize Fund : $225 b/16 entries. Prizes: $60-40-30. U2100 $25, U1900 $25, U1700 $25, U1500 $20. EF: $20, $15 members. Reg.: 6:50-7:25 p.m. Rds.: 1st round 7:30 p.m, Subsequent rounds ASAP. Info:, 732-499-0118.

Zilbermintz & Camejo Win July G/90

Lev Zilbermintz and Mauricio Camejo won the July G/90.

David Zhurbinsky won the U1800 prize while Leonardo Moreira and Gabriel Moreira split the U1200 prize.


Zilbermintz 1-0 Camejo
Lukacs 1/2-1/2 Adelson
Warrick 0-1 L. Moreira
Reddy - + G. Moreira

1/2 point byes: D. Zhurbinsky, Sturniolo

Final Standings

= 1-2. Zilbermintz, Camejo 3.0
= 3-4. Adelson, Zhurbinsky 2.5
= 5-7. Warrick, L. Moriera, G. Moreira 2.0
= 8-9. Sturniolo, Lukacs 1.5
10. Reddy 0.5

Next Wednesday we are running a rated blitz tournament. The G/90 will start anew on August 7.

Tica Wins Sunday G/30

Juan Tica won the Sunday G/30 held on July 21.

FM Boris Privman, Thomas Elberling and Ramon Garcia tied for 2nd.

Andrew Layton won the U1700 prize.

Sunday, July 21, 2013

Privman Wins Saturday Swiss

FM Boris Privman won yesterday's swiss. NM Ted Belanoff was 2nd, a half-point back.

Lev Zilbermintz, Kevin Dresher and Brandon Jacobson tied for 3rd.

Athira Arayath and Nikhil Arayath split the U1700 prize.

Thursday, July 18, 2013

July G/90 - Round 3

Mauricio Camejo leads the July G/90 with 1 week to go.

3rd Round Results:

Camejo 1-0 D. Zhurbinsky
Zilbermintz 1-0 Lukacs
Sturniolo 0-1 Adelson
G.Moreira 0-1 Warrick
L. Moreira 1-0 Reddy

Standings after 3 rounds of 4:

1. Camejo 3.0
= 2-5 Zilbermintz, Adelson, D. Zhurbinsky, Warrick 2.0
= 6-9. Sturniolo, Lukacs, L. Moreira, G. Moreira 1.0
10. Reddy 0.5

Projected 4th Round Pairings:

1. Zilbermintz - Camejo
2. D. Zhurbinsky - Adelson
3. Warrick - Lukacs
4. L. Moreira - Sturniolo
5. Reddy - G. Moreira

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Monday, July 15, 2013

West, Tica, Zilbermintz Win Dr. Machan Open

LM James West, Juan Tica and Lev Zilbermintz won Saturday's Dr. Luzviminda Machan Open.

Alexander Crump took home the U2200 prize. Alice Dong, Roshan Idnani and Taran Idnani earned the U2000 honors.

Michael O'Connor scored the biggest upset, by defeating Mauricio Camejo.

Friday, July 12, 2013

Summer Camps Canceled

Chess Mates has canceled its Summer Camps due to a lack of interest.

July G/90 - Round 2

Mauricio Camejo and David Zhurbinsky lead the July G/90 at its halfway point.

2nd Round Results:

Warrick 0-1 Camejo
D. Zhurbinsky 1-0 Sturniolo
Serge Adelson 1/2-1/2 Lev Zilbermintz
Lukacs 1-0 L. Moreira
G. Moreira +- Reddy

1/2 point bye: Reddy
1 point bye: G. Moreira

Standings after 2 rounds of 4:

= 1-2. Camejo, D. Zhurbinsky
= 3-8. Zilbermintz, Adelson, Sturniolo, Warrick, Lukacs, G. Moreira 1.0
9. Reddy 0.5
10. L. Moreira 0.0

Monday, July 8, 2013

Sunday G/30

Yesterday's G/30 tournament could not be completed in the allotted window and had to be suspended.

Mauricio Camejo

Brandon Jacobson

John Moldovan

Leonardo Moreira


Camejo-Moreira will be played at a future date.

The event will be submitted for rating when it is finished.

Sunday, July 7, 2013

Gu Wins Saturday Swiss

Alan Gu won yesterday's G/45 tourney, with a perfect 4-0 score.

Lez Zilbermintz, Mauricio Camejo, Kevin Dresher, Ilya Zhurbinskiy (playing as a filler) and Taran Idnani tied for 2nd.

David Zhurbinsky (U1700) and Joe Renna (U1500) received class prizes.

Thursday, July 4, 2013

July G/90 - Round 1

There were no upsets in the G/90's opening round, which started around 7:30 & ended before 9:15 p.m.


Camejo 1-0 Lukacs
L. Moreira 0-1 D. Zhurbinsky
Sturniolo 1-0 G. Moreira
Reddy 0-1 Warrick

Standings after 1 round of 4:

= 1-4. Camejo, D. Zhurbinsky, Sturniolo, Warrick 1.0
= 5-8. Lukacs, L. Moreira, G. Moreira, Reddy 0.0

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

July G/90 Underway

Two of our usual Wednesday participants are at the World Open in Arlington, VA but we still have 8 players on hand for the July G/90:

1. Mauricio Camejo 2105
2. David Zhurbinsky 1721
3. Lou Sturniolo 1703
4. Ralph Warrick 1549
5. Ron Lukacs 1500
6. Leonardo Moreira 1211
7. Gabe Moreira 578
8. Shubang Reddy (unrated)

Late-joins will be accepted until the start of round 3.

Note: Our TLA is incorrect! The EF is $30, $25 for members. Prize Fund: 70% of EF. Prizes: 1st, 2nd + class prizes. Registration is from 6:45-7:00 p.m. on 7/3, 7/10 & 7/17.

Camejo Wins Sunday G/30

Mauricio Camejo won Sunday's G/30. Roman Rychkov was 2nd.

Privman, Camejo Win Saturday Swiss

FM Boris Privman and Expert Mauricio Camejo won Saturday's G/45.

Roshan Idnani and John Moldovan tied for 3rd.

The U1900 prize went to Taran Idnani.