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Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Mujumdar Wins Fall Blitz

NM Sameer Mujumdar won tonight's blitz tournament at Chess Mates.

Thomas Elberling was 2nd. Lev Zilbermintz took 3rd. Class prizes went to Juan Tica (U2100) and Jeffrey Siu (U1900).

Quick ratings were used for pairing-order and prize determinations.

Here are some photos from the event:

Jennifer Acon vs. Mujumdar in a 3rd round Sicilian.

Tica goes-over his round 3 loss with Zilbermintz.

Javier Rivera, Leo Moreira, Gabe Moreira (obscured), Ralph Warrick and Jens Elberling watch the 4th round action.

Round 5's Siu-Mujumdar started with an Advance French, was marred by an argument and ended in a first place-clinching victory for Black.

Thomas Elberling (b) vs. Rivera in the 6th round.

Post updated at 10/31/2013 at 2:41 a.m. EDT.

Blitz Tourney Tonight

Tonight, Chess Mates will be running a rated Blitz tournament. The first round will begin at 7:30 p.m.

Macaspac, Elberling & E. Singh Tie In Sunday G/30

NM Arthur Macaspac, Thomas Elberling and Errol Singh tied for 1st in our Sunday G/30.

Macaspac & B. Jacobson Win Saturday G/60

NM Arthur Macaspac and Brandon Jacobson won the G/60 tournament held on 10/26.

Mina Awad and Nikhil Kalyanraman split the U1800 prize.

Here are some photos taken at the start of round 3:

The 2 winners facing-off.

 Aaron Jacobson vs. LM Jim West.

LM Vladimir Polyakin vs. Awad.

Tica, Garcia Win October G/90

NM Juan Tica and Ramon Garcia won the October G/90 which ran from 10/2 thru 10/23.

Alberto Martinez and Lou Sturniolo split the U1950 prize while Leonardo Moreira and Ken Cohen divided the U1400 prize.

4th Round Pairings:

Martinez 0-1 Tica
Garcia 1-0 Adelson
Sturniolo 1-0 L. Moreira

1/2 point bye: Camejo
1 point bye: Cohen

Extra game: G. Moreira 1-0 Cohen

Final Standings:

= 1-2. Tica, Garcia 3.5
3. Camejo 2.5
= 4-5. Martinez, Sturniolo 2.0
6. Adelson 1.5
= 7-8. L. Moreira, Cohen 1.0
9. G. Moreira (filler) 0.0

Our next G/90 will run as a 2-section swiss, from November 6-27.

Saturday, October 19, 2013

West, Graif, Drennan, McEnroe, M. Giordano Saturday Swiss Winners

LM Jim West and William Graif won the Open Section of today's Swiss at Chess Mates.

NM Arthur Macaspac, Jorge Ruiz-Montes, Aaron Jacobson and Henry Kingsmore split the U2200 prize.

In the U1800 Section... Joshua McEnroe, Luke Drennan and Michael Giordano tied for 1st.

Here are a couple of photos from early in round 3:

Along the wall, from L-R: West vs. Macaspac, A. Jacobson (b) vs. Boris Privman, Jorge Ruis-Montes vs. Mauricio Camejo. Right foreground: Christopher Giordano.

From the top: Kingsmore (b) vs. Vrithik Umapathy (obscurred), McEnroe vs. Ken Cohen (w), M. Giordano awaiting his opponent, C. Giordano vs. Mina Awad.

October G/90 - 4th Round Pairings

Here are the projected pairings for the Wednesday G/90's final round, on October 23rd:

1. Martinez - Tica
2. Garcia - Adelson
3. Sturniolo - L. Moreira

1/2 point bye: Camejo
1 point bye: Cohen

Thursday, October 17, 2013

October G/90 - Round 3

NM Juan Tica and Ramon Garcia lead the Wednesday G/90 entering the last round. Mauricio Camejo and Alberto Martinez trail by a half-point.

Round 3:

Tica 1-0 Camejo
L. Moreira 0-1 Garcia
Adelson 0-1 Martinez
Cohen 0-1 Sturniolo

 In the foreground, Leonardo Moreira plays the Queen's Gambit against Garcia and in the backround...

... Serge Adelson does the same against Martinez.

 Lou Sturniolo and Ken Cohen in a Closed Sicilian.

Standings after 3 rounds of 4:

= 1-2. Tica, Garcia 2.5
= 3-4. Camejo, Martinez 2.0
5. Adelson 1.5
= 6-7. Sturniolo, L. Moreira 1.0
= 8-9. Cohen, G. Moreira 0.0

Garcia's games are provisional.
G. Moreira is playing as a filler.

The Tica-Camejo post-mortem.

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Belanoff Wins Sunday Afternoon Swiss

NM Ted Belanoff won the Sunday Afternoon Swiss.

Leonardo Moreira and Gabriel Moreira split the U1300 prize.

Belanoff, Camejo Win Sunday Morning Quad

NM Ted Belanoff and Mauricio Camejo won the Sunday Morning Quad with 2.0/3.

Privman Wins Dr. Machan Open

FM Boris Privman won the 27th Dr. Machan Open on Saturday.

LM James West and NM Arthur Macaspac tied for 2nd.

The U2200 and U1900 prizes were pooled and split 4 ways, among LM Vladimir Polyakin, Howard Weiss, Jorge Ruiz-Montes and Henry Kingsmore.

The U1600 was divided among Kevin Corrigan, Colin Kneucker, John Cartier and Robert Ruggiero. Corrigan also notched the biggest upset by beating Weiss in the opening round.

Wednesday G/90 - Rounds 1 & 2

Mauricio Camejo leads the Wednesday G/90 at its halfway point. NM Juan Tica, Ramon Garcia and Serge Adelson are a half-point back.

Late joins will be accepted until the start of tomorrow's 3rd round.

Round 1:

Tica 1-0 Lou Sturniolo
Ken Cohen 0-1 Camejo
Alberto Martinez 1-0 Leonardo Moreira
Gabriel Moreira 0-1 Garcia

Adelson: 1/2 point bye.

Round 2:

Garcia 1/2-1/2 Tica
Camejo 1-0 Martinez
Sturniolo 1-0 Adelson
L. Moreira 1-0 Cohen

Standings after 2 rounds of 4:

1. Camejo (2034) 2.0
= 2-4. Tica (2226), Garcia (1987), Adelson (1771) 1.5
= 5-6. Martinez (1941), L. Moreira (1283) 1.0
= 7-9. Sturniolo (1631), Cohen (1307), G. Moreira (712) 0.0

Garcia's games are provisional.
G. Moreira is playing as a filler.

Monday, October 7, 2013

Belanoff Wins Sunday G/30

NM Ted Belanoff won yesterday's G/30 at Chess Mates in Rahway.

LM James West and NM Arthur Macaspac tied for 2nd.

The crosstable should appear at before 3:30 p.m. EDT.

Prilleltensky, Polyakin, Awad & Corrigan Saturday Quad Winners

NM Matan Prilleltensky (2281), LM Vladimir Polyakin (2148), Mina Awad (1491) & Kevin Corrigan (1499) were section winners in Saturday's G/45 Quads at Chess Mates in Rahway.

Prilleltensky had 2.5/3 in the all-Master top section. Chess Mates' owner, NM Arthur Macaspac, playing in his 1st U.S. tournament since January, garnered the 2nd place prize in the 6-player 2nd section, which featured 3 masters.

Awad & Corrigan tied in the 8-player bottom group.

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

New Hours Of Operation

Starting today, Chess Mates' hours of operations will be:

Sunday        10 a.m. - 8 p.m.
Wednesday  4 - 10:30 p.m.
Friday          4 - 10:30 p.m.
Saturday      12:30 - 9 p.m.

Fridays will feature casual chess for our members.

Post corrected 10/3 @ 12:50 p.m.

West, Camejo Win Sunday G/30

LM James West and Mauricio Camejo won Sunday's G/30.