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Sunday, July 26, 2015

Bartell & Rubenchik Win Machan Super Swiss

Yesterday IM Tommy Bartell and FM Rodion Rubenchik tied for first place in Dr. Machan's Super Swiss tournament.

Round Four: King's Indian Defense, Saemisch Variation

Tommy Bartell (USCF 2483) - Jim West (USCF 2200), Rahway NJ 7/25/2015

1.d4 Nf6 2.c4 g6 3.f3 Bg7 4.e4 d6 5.Nc3 O-O 6.Nge2 c5 7.d5 e6 8.Ng3 exd5 9.cxd5 Re8 10.Be2 a6 11.a4 Nbd7 12.Be3 Qc7 13.O-O b6 14.Rc1 Bb7 15.Qd2 Re7

16.f4 Ree8 17.Bf3 Rab8 18.Nh1 Ba8 19.Nf2 b5 20.axb5 axb5 21.b4 Qd8 22.bxc5 Nxc5 23.Bxc5 dxc5 24.Rfd1 c4 25.Ne2 Qb6 26.Nd4 Nxd5 27.Ne2 Nf6 28.e5 Ne4 29.Qd4 Nxf2 30.Kxf2 Bxf3 31.Kxf3 Qxd4 32.Nxd4 Rec8

33.Ke4 Bf8 34.g4 Bc5 35.f5 Bxd4 36.Rxd4 Rd8 37.f6 Rxd4+ 38.Kxd4 h6 39.h4 g5 40.hxg5 hxg5 41.Rh1 Rd8+ 42.Kc5 c3 43.Kxb5 Rd5+ 44.Kc4 Rxe5 45.Kxc3 Re4 46.Rg1 Rf4 47.Kd3 Rxf6 48.Ke3 Rf4

49.Rg2 Kg7 50.Rg1 Kg6 51.Rg2 f5 52.gxf5+ Kxf5 53.Ra2 Kg4 54.Rg2+ Kh4 55.Rg1 Rf8 56.Rh1+ Kg4 57.Rg1+ Kh5 58.Rh1+ Kg6 59.Rg1, draw.

Delay In Rating Yesterday's Event

We have been unable to submit yesterday's tournament for rating.

The USCF changed their payment process on Thursday and there appears to be a glitch in the new system.

We will try again later this morning.

Thanks for your patience.

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Saturday Swiss Starts At 11 A.M.

On Saturday (July 25) Chess Mates will be running Dr. Machan's Super Swiss, a 3-section, 4-round Swiss, beginning at 11:00 a.m.

This event replaces those previously listed for the date.

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

NM Ted Belanoff Sweeps Sunday Swiss

On Sunday, NM Ted Belanoff [pictured, right] swept the top section of the game/30 tournament, ahead of NM Art Macaspac [pictured, left] in second place.

Robert Colucci won the bottom section with a perfect score.

Monday, July 20, 2015

Chess Mates Closed August 2, 9, 16, 23, 30 + Labor Day Weekend

Chess Mates will be closed August 2, 9, 16, 23 & 30, as well as Labor Day Weekend (September 5-7)

Events scheduled for those days have been canceled.

Sunday, July 12, 2015

Luzviminda Machan Open 7/11/2015

Five players showed up for yesterday's Dr. Luzviminda Machan Open.

Ken Cohen lost to Srihari Nesamani.

Nikhil Kalyanraman won as Black against Sivaramakrishnan Muthukrishnan.

Round Four:  Queen Pawn Opening

Srihari Nesamani (USCF 1619) - Jim West (USCF 2200), Rahway NJ 7/11/2015

1.d4 Nf6 2.g3 g6 3.Bg2 Bg7 4.c3 O-O 5.Bg5 h6 6.Bd2 d5 7.Nf3 c5 8.O-O cxd4 9.cxd4 Nc6 10.Bc3 Ne4 11.e3 Bg4 12.Qb3 Qd7 13.Rc1 Rab8

14.Nbd2 Nxd2 15.Bxd2 Bxf3 16.Bxf3 e6 17.Be2 Rfc8 18.Bb5 a6 19.Bd3 e5 20.dxe5 Nxe5 21.Be2 b5 22.Bc3 Nc4 23.Bxg7 Kxg7 24.Qc3+ f6 25.Qd4 Ne5 26.Rxc8 Rxc8 27.Rd1 Rc2 28.Rd2 Rxd2 29.Qxd2 Qc6

30.f4 Nc4 31.Qc3 Qe6 32.Kf2 Nd6 33.Bf3 Ne4+ 34.Bxe4 dxe4 35.Qb3 Qg4 36.Qc2 Qf3+ 37.Ke1 Qh1+ 38.Kd2 Qxh2+ 39.Kc1 Qg1+ 40.Qd1 Qxe3+ 41.Qd2 Qxd2+ 42.Kxd2 f5 43.Ke3 g5 44.Kd4 gxf4 45.gxf4 h5

46.Ke3 Kf6 47.Kf2 a5 48.Ke2 h4 49.Kf2 Kg6 50.Kg2 Kh5 51.Kh3 e3 52.Kg2 Kg4, White resigns.

Friday, July 3, 2015

Chess Mates Closed July 4-5

Chess Mates will be closed this weekend, July 4-5.

We will be running the 2nd round of our July G/90 on Wednesday 7/8 (late-joins accepted) & the Dr. Luzviminda Machan Open on Saturday 7/11.

Photos From Chess Mates Championship & Lenderman Lecture

Here are 28 photos + 1 video from last weekend's Chess Mates Championship and lecture by GM Alex Lenderman:

GM Alex Lenderman giving a lecture prior to round 1.

A short clip from the Lenderman lecture.

 Lenderman vs. LM Arthur Macaspac

Ken Cohen vs. Dane Jackson

Errol Singh (b) vs. Abhinav Chinnambeti

Michael O'Connor vs. Leon Deng

 Ramitha Ravishankar vs. Athira Arayath

Paul Joseph vs. Ramneek Singh

David Zhurbinsky (b) vs. LM Vladimr Polyakin

 NM Mauricio Camejo (b) vs. Daniel Girsh

 NM Matthew O'Brien (b) vs. GM Leonid Yudasin

FM Boris Privman vs. LM Nasir Akylbekov

Lenderman vs. Yudasin

Macaspac (b) vs. Akylbekov

O'Brien vs. Privman

Polyakin (b) vs. Camejo

Deng vs. Ramon Garcia

Joseph (b) vs. D. Zhurbinsky

A. Arayath vs. O'Connor

John Lekocevic (grey hoodie) vs. Nikhil Arayath

Chinnambeti vs. Girsh

Shikhar Ahuja vs. Ravishankar

 Kayanraman (yellow shirt) vs. Frank Bloise

 Jackson (top left) vs. Eric Li

Ethan Chan (b) vs. Cohen

 Camejo (b) vs. Garcia

LM Todd Lunna (blue shirt), Ilya Zhurbinskiy (center) & Mr. Arayath (red cap) watching the last round action.

 Polyakin vs. O'Connor (red shirt)

Lunna observing Yudasin vs. Macaspac.

Yudasin Wins Chess Mates Championship

GM Leonid Yudasin won the Chess Mates Championship/Super Swiss #3 held June 27-28. LM Vadimir Polyakin (U2150) & Nikhil Kalyanraman (U1600) were section winners.

Here is a full list of prize-winners:

Open Section
1st - Yudasin
2nd - GM Alex Lenderman
1st U2350 - LM Arthur Macaspac
= 3rd - LM Nasir Akylbekov & FM Boris Privman

U2150 Section
1st - Polyakin
2nd/3rd - Michael Layevskiy & David Zhurbinsky
U1850 - Daniel Girsh
2nd U1850 - Ramitha Ravishankar

U1600 Section
1st - Kalyanraman
2nd/3rd - Frank Bloise, Dane Jackson
U1350 - Ken Cohen & Eric Li

More Photos From The June Dr. Machan Open

Here are some additional photos taken during the June 13th Dr. Luzviminda Machan Open, which was won by FM Boris Privman:

 Jack Silver vs. Bharat Karia

NM Matthew O'Brien vs. Abhinav Chinnambeti
 LM James West vs. Paul Joseph

 NM Mauricio Camejo vs. LM Arthur Macaspac

LM Vladimir Polyakin (with Black) vs. FM Boris Privman
Ken Cohen vs. Michael O'Connor
O'Brien (b) vs. O'Connor

Camejo (b) vs. Joseph

 Macaspac (b) vs. Polyakin

 Karia vs. Cohen

 West vs. Privman

Chinnambeti vs. J. Silver