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Saturday, August 1, 2015

Saturday Quads Winners

Here is the list of winners from today's G/60 Quads:

Section 1: LM Arthur Macaspac and Lev Zilbermintz 2.0
Section 2: Terry Fricker and Michael O'Connor 2.0
Section 3: Nikhil Kalyanraman 2.5

Section 2 started as a swiss and was turned into 2 quads. We reported quads 2 & 3 as an 8-player section to retain bonus opportunities.

More Pics From The July 25th Swiss

Here are some additional pics from last week's Dr. Machan Super Swiss:

IM Tom Bartell (front) & FM Rodion Rubenchik vs. NM Arthur Macaspac.

Boris Privman (left) & Ashrey Mahesh vs. Ryan Feng (blue shirt).

Bowen Liu (top left) eyes the camera while Abhinav Chinnambeti plays David Zhurbinsky and Eddy Tian (near left) waits for NM Mauricio Camejo to play ...Bxf3.
Eugene Yoo (b) vs. Nikhil Kalyanraman.

Daniel Girsh vs. Paul Joseph.
(Sorry for the blurry photo.)