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Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Sunday, September 21, 2014

Smith & Prilleltensky Win Cherry Street Open

GM Bryan Smith & LM Matan Prilleltensky won yesterday's Cherry Street Open, with 3.5/4.

LM Vladimir Polyakin & NM Arthur Macaspac split the U2300 prize. Arthur also scored the biggest upset, with a 2nd round win over IM Justin Sarkar.

The U2100 prize was divided among NM Mauricio Camejo, Howard Weiss & Tom Polese.

Ken Cohen earned the U1900 honor and Ed Mc Donald was tops among U1600s.

Saturday, September 20, 2014

Thomas Elberling Memorial Fund

Prior to today's Cherry Street Open, the players observed a moment of silence for Thomas Elberling, an 11-year old chess expert who was slain by his father some 2 weeks ago.
Some of the participants donated money that will go towards Thomas' Memorial fundraiser & many signed a sympathy card for his mother.

If you'd like to help out as well, visit

Cherry Street Open: 4th Round Photos

Cherry Street Open
Photos taken at the start of the last round:

Cherry Street Open: 4th Round Pairings

Cherry Street Open

4th Round Pairings:

Sarkar took a half-point bye. Komunicky withdrew.

Cherry St. Open: 3rd Round Results, Standings

Cherry Street Open

3rd Round Results & Standings:

Cherry Street Open: Cherry Overload?

What do bring to the Cherry Street Open?
IM Justin Sarkar brought a cherry pie, cherry cough drops & a Cherry Pie Larabar!

Cherry Street Open: Around the Corner

A cute decoration on Main Street, around the corner from our Cherry Street Open chess tournament & the Cherry Street Live festival.

Cherry Street Open: Round 3 Photos

Cherry Street Open
Photos taken at the start of round 3:

Cherry Street Open: Noise Problem

Cherry Street Open

Due to noise from the Cherry Street Live festival taking place in front of our building some of the games have been moved to our back room and the far reaches of The Mall's corridor.

Cherry Street Open: Standings & Pairings

Cherry Street Open
Standings after 2 rounds & 3rd round pairings:

Cherry Street Open: 2nd Round Results

Cherry Street Open
2nd Round Results:
Smith 1-0 Privman
Macaspac 1-0 Sarkar
Bartell 1-0 West
Prilleltensky 1-0 Polyakin
Cohen 0-1 O'Connor
Komunicky 0-1 Weiss
Camejo 1-0 Giammanco
Chinnambeti 0-1 Polese
Drennan 0-1 Mc Donald

Cherry Street Open: 2nd Round Photos

Cherry Street Open
Photos taken at the start of round 2:

Cherry Street Open: 2nd Round Pairings

Cherry Street Open

2nd Round Pairings

1. Smith - Privman
2. Macaspac - Sarkar
3. Bartell - West
4. Prilleltensky - Polyakin
5. Cohen - O'Connor
6. Komunicky - Weiss
7. Camejo - Giammanco
8. Chinnambeti - Polese
9. Drennan - Mc Donald

Cherry Street Open: 1st Round Results

Cherry Street Open

1st round results:

Weiss 0-1 Smith
Sarkar 1-0 Camejo
Polese 0-1 Bartell
Privman 1-0 Drennan
Giammanco 0-1 Prilleltensky
West 1-0 Komunicky
Mc Donald 0-1 Macaspac
Polyakin 1-0 Chinnambeti

1/2 point byes: O'Connor, Cohen

Standings after round 1:

= 1-8. Smith, Sarkar, Bartell, Privman, Prilleltensky, West, Macaspac, Polyakin 1.0
= 9-10. O'Connor, Cohen 0.5
= 11-18. Weiss, Camejo, Polese, Drennan, Giammanco, Komunicky, Mc Donald, Chinambeti 0.0

Cherry Street Open Participants

Cherry Street Open

Participants, by rating:

  1. Smith, Bryan G 2569 GM
  2. Sarkar, Justin 2461 IM
  3. Bartell, Thomas 2455 IM
  4. Privman, Boris 2350 FM
  5. Prilleltensky, Matan 2308 LM
  6. West, James R 2205 LM
  7. Macaspac, Arthur 2202 NM
  8. Polyakin, Vladimir 2101 LM
  9. Weiss, Howard M 2055
10. Camejo, Mauricio 2000 NM
11. Polese, Thomas A 1909
12. O'Connor, Michael 1819
13. Drennan, Luke A 1724
14. Giammanco, Daniel 1516
15. Komunicky, Daniel 1510
16. Mc Donald, Edward 1499
17. Cohen, Ken 1317
18. Chinnambeti, Abhin 1133

Cherry Street Open Underway

The Cherry Street Open is underway with 17 players, including 1 GM, 2 IMs, 1 FM, 3 LMs & 2 NMs!!
Late-joins will be accepted until the start of round 2 at 1:30 p.m. Here are some photos from the early action:

Friday, September 19, 2014

Cherry Street Grand Prix Tomorrow

Tomorrow we are running the Cherry Street Open, a Grand Prix tournament with a $1000 guaranteed prize fund.

Here are the details:

SEPT. 20   Cherry Street Open
4-SS. G/55 d5. Address: 75 East Cherry St., Suite 10A, Rahway, NJ 07065. EF: $60, members $50, IM $30, GM free (IM/GM -30 from prize). Prize Fund:$1000 Guaranteed! Prizes: $250-150, U2300 $150, U2100 $150, U1900 $150, U1600 $100, Biggest Upset $50. Reg.: 10:15-10:50 a.m. Rds.: 11:00 a.m., 1:30, 3:45, 6:00 p.m. 1 bye allowed, commit prior to game 3. Info:, 732-499-0118.

We'd also like to remind you that Chess Mates Chess School is starting-up this weekend. For information, visit or call Arthur Macaspac at 760-583-8429.