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Saturday, July 28, 2012

Macaspac Wins Friday G/90

NM Arthur Macaspac won the Friday G/90 for July. Lev Zilbermintz was 2nd. Jun Tang was the top U1600 scorer.

Round 3 (7/20)
Zilbermintz 1-0 J. Tang
Macaspac 1-0 Vinson
Kesava Dhanasekaran 0-1 An. Tang

Rainford withdrew

Round 4
Vinson 0-1 J. Tang
An. Tang 0-1 Arthur
Kesava Dhanasekaran 0-1 Albert Tang 

Zilbermintz: 1/2 point bye

Final Standings:
1. Macaspac 3.5
2. Zilbermintz 3.0
= 3-4. J. Tang, Rainford 1.5
= 5-8. Vinson, An. Tang, Al. Tang, Dhanasekaran 1.0

West Wins Wednesday G/90

LM James West won our Wednesday G/90 for July. Serge Adelson (top U2000) and Lou Sturniolo tied for 2nd. The U1600 prize went to Ken Cohen.

Round 3 (7/18)
Adelson 0-1 West
Macaspac +- Rainford
Ghosh 0-1 Sturniolo
O'Connor 1-0 Sohal

Cohen: 1/2 point bye
Vinson: 1 point bye
Mendonca withdrew (byes rescinded)

Round 4 (7/25)
West 1-0 O'Connor
Macaspac 0-1 Adelson
Sturniolo +- Rainford
Cohen 1-0 Vinson
Ghosh -+ Sohal

Final Standings
1. West 3.5
= 2-3. Adelson, Sturniolo 3.0
4. Macaspac 2.5
5. Cohen 2.0
= 6-8. O'Connor, Rainford, Sohal 1.5
= 9-10. Vinson, Ghosh 1.0 

The event was submitted for rating this morning.

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Balakrishnan Wins Sunday G/30

Praveen Balakrishnan won today's G/30. NM Arthur Macaspac and Alex Schwartzberg tied for 2nd. Alex was also the top U1600 scorer.

Saturday, July 21, 2012

Figler Wins July Grand Prix

IM Ilye Figler won today's Dr. Luvizminda Machan Grand Prix tournament at Chess Mates.

IM Justin Sarkar and FM Boris Privman tied for 2nd. LM James West, NM Arthur Macaspac and Kevin Dresher tied for 4th place. Arthur and Kevin also had the top U2200 scores.

Brandon Jacobson was the U1800 prize recipient.

Monday, July 16, 2012

Privman Wins Saturday G/45

Boris Privman won our Saturday G/45. Lev Zilbermintz and Gaby Marani (the U1800 prize winner) tied for 2nd.

Saturday, July 14, 2012

Friday G/90 Update

NM Arthur Macaspac, expert Lev Zilbermintz and Claude Rainford lead the Friday G/90 for July at its midway mark.

Round 1

Anthony Tang 0-1 Robert Vinson

1/2 point byes: Macaspac, Zilbermintz, Rainford, Jun Tang, Kesava Dhanasekaran

Round 2

Vinson 0-1 Zilbermintz
J. Tang 0-1 Macaspac
Rainford 1-0 An. Tang
Dhanasekaran: 1/2 point bye

Standings, after 2 of 4 rounds:

= 1-3. Macaspac, Zilbermintz, Rainford 1.5
= 4-5. Vinson, Dhanasekaran 1.0
6. J. Tang 0.5
7. An. Tang 0.0

Pairings for round 3:

Arthur vs. Robert
Lev vs Claude
Anthony vs Jun

Wednesday G/90 Update

Serge Adelson leads the Wednesday G/90 for July at its halfway point. LM Jim West, NM Arthur Macaspac and Claude Rainford are tied for 2nd.

Round 1

West 1-0 Lou Sturniolo
Robert Vinson 0-1 Macaspac
Adelson 1-0 Ken Cohen

1/2 point byes: Michael O'Connor, Schnaider Mendonca, Raja Ghosh, Claude Rainford, Bhupinder Sohal

Round 2

Macaspac 1/2-1/2 West
O'Connor 0-1 Adelson
Sturniolo 1-0 Vinson
Cohen 1/2-1/2 Ghosh

Rainford 1-0 Sohal
Mendonca: 1/2 point bye

Standings, after 2 of 4 weeks:

 1. Adelson 2.0
= 2-4. West, Macaspac, Rainford 1.5
= 5-7. Sturniolo, Mendonca, Ghosh 1.0
= 8-10. O'Connor, Cohen, Sohal 0.5
11. Vinson 0.0

Pairings for round 3:

Serge vs. Jim
Claude vs. Arthur
Raja vs. Lou
Schnaider vs. Michael
Bhupinder vs. Ken
Robert vs. Shawn Moss (house player)

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Macaspac Wins Sunday G/30

Arthur Macaspac won Sunday's G/30. Larry Williams and Shawn Moss split the U1600 prize.

Flores Wins Saturday G/45

Sergio Flores won Saturday's G/45, with a 3-0 score. Alis Amparo and Alvin Song split the U1700 prize.