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Saturday, July 27, 2013

Zilbermintz & Camejo Win July G/90

Lev Zilbermintz and Mauricio Camejo won the July G/90.

David Zhurbinsky won the U1800 prize while Leonardo Moreira and Gabriel Moreira split the U1200 prize.


Zilbermintz 1-0 Camejo
Lukacs 1/2-1/2 Adelson
Warrick 0-1 L. Moreira
Reddy - + G. Moreira

1/2 point byes: D. Zhurbinsky, Sturniolo

Final Standings

= 1-2. Zilbermintz, Camejo 3.0
= 3-4. Adelson, Zhurbinsky 2.5
= 5-7. Warrick, L. Moriera, G. Moreira 2.0
= 8-9. Sturniolo, Lukacs 1.5
10. Reddy 0.5

Next Wednesday we are running a rated blitz tournament. The G/90 will start anew on August 7.

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