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Saturday, September 14, 2013

Martinez And Pedersen Lead September G/90

Alberto Martinez and Roger Pedersen lead our September G/90 at its halfway-point.

Jennifer Acon is a half-point back.

The first round went as expected but in round 2 the top seeds, NM Juan Tica and expert Mauricio Camejo, were upset by Acon and Martinez.

Late-joins will be permitted until the start of round 3 on September 18th.

1st Round Results:

Ralph Warrick 0-1 Camejo
Martinez 1-0 Leonardo Moreira
Ken Cohen 0-1 Pedersen
Serge Adelson 1-0 Gabriel Moreira

Tica, Acon and David Huff received 1/2-point byes (late-joined).

2nd Round Results:

Camejo 0-1 Martinez
Pedersen 1-0 Adelson
Acon 1-0 Tica
Huff 0-1 Warrick
L. Moreira 1-0 Cohen

G. Moreira received a 1 point bye.

Standings after 2 of 4 rounds:

= 1-2. Martinez (1941), Pedersen (1912) 2.0
3. Acon (1903) 1.5
= 4-8. Camejo (2098), Adelson (1801), Warrick (1518), L. Moreira (1319), G. Moreira (591) 1.0
= 9-10. Tica (2196), Huff (unrated) 0.5
11. Cohen (1218) 0.0

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