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Thursday, October 17, 2013

October G/90 - Round 3

NM Juan Tica and Ramon Garcia lead the Wednesday G/90 entering the last round. Mauricio Camejo and Alberto Martinez trail by a half-point.

Round 3:

Tica 1-0 Camejo
L. Moreira 0-1 Garcia
Adelson 0-1 Martinez
Cohen 0-1 Sturniolo

 In the foreground, Leonardo Moreira plays the Queen's Gambit against Garcia and in the backround...

... Serge Adelson does the same against Martinez.

 Lou Sturniolo and Ken Cohen in a Closed Sicilian.

Standings after 3 rounds of 4:

= 1-2. Tica, Garcia 2.5
= 3-4. Camejo, Martinez 2.0
5. Adelson 1.5
= 6-7. Sturniolo, L. Moreira 1.0
= 8-9. Cohen, G. Moreira 0.0

Garcia's games are provisional.
G. Moreira is playing as a filler.

The Tica-Camejo post-mortem.

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