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Saturday, November 30, 2013

Garcia Wins November G/90

Ramon Garcia won the G/90 held November 6-27. NM Mauricio Camejo and Ken Cohen tied for 2nd.

Here are a handful of photos and 2 interesting games from the event:

Round 1: Ken Thoms vs. Camejo.

Garcia vs. Leo Moreira, in round 1.

Garcia vs. Gabe Moreira, in round 2.

Cohen vs. Serge Adelson, in round 3.

Cohen (1250) 1-0 John Moldovan (1826)
C04 French Defense
Guimard Variation

Incredibly, there wasn't a pawn exchange in this one until move 54!! After a bad opening From an inferior position, Black out-maneuvers his opponent but, in time-pressure, he misses 64...Nxc3! (64...Rxb4! is also good) 65.Rxc3 Bxd4 -/+ and the idea of 66.Bd2? Rxb4 which threatens 67...Rb2, 68...Rxa2+ 69.Kxa2 Qb2#


Moldovan (1833) 1-0 G. Moreira (830)
E18 Queen's Indian Defense
(by transposition)

White experiments with a Catalan and wins a pawn in the opening. Black defends well, for a time, and is only slightly worse after move 21 but he erroneously trades dark-squared Bishops with 22...Bd4? and overloads his Queen and Rook with 24...Qc4?? The final position deserves a diagram photo.


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